Why Sleep + Eat?

Because beautiful design means business.

Connecting hospitality industry leaders with the designers, architects and consultants behind some of the world’s finest and most successful hotels, restaurants and bars, Sleep + Eat is Europe’s most essential, progressive and valuable hospitality design event. 

Showcasing the future’s most innovative concepts, stunning product debuts from both emerging and iconic brands, alongside awe-inspiring large-scale installations and world-class speakers, the show unites the industry’s finest for two days of inspiration, discovery and unrivalled opportunity.

What's On...

The show

Your chance to explore premium hotel, restaurant and bar design in all its forms with thought-leading concepts, products and trends from Europe’s leading hospitality brands. See our exhibitors.

Curiousa & Curiousa

Build business

With over 4,600 visitors and exhibitors in attendance, this is a unique opportunity to build and strengthen relationships, share ideas, create partnerships and do business with the most creative minds in the industry.​

Parla Design

Exciting names, exceptional ideas

In our exclusive, expertly curated seminar series, you’ll hear from some of the industry's foremost creative minds as they discuss new products, debate zeitgeisty topics and dissect the future of design and what it can mean for business.
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Sleep + Eat: The concepts

Shalini Misra Eat Set teaser

NEW: Eat Sets

Eat Sets installations will shine a light on two talented interior design studios as they’re each challenged to design a pop up-sized cafe or nightclub concept.
Meet the designers.

Sleeper Bar

Sleeper Bar

Designed by Jun Aizaki of CRÈME Architecture & Design, this year’s centrally located bar explores traditional natural dyeing processes and celebrates the colour indigo.
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Who you'll meet...

Who you'll meet at Sleep + Eat

Meet the people furnishing, designing and developing Europe’s most influential hotels, restaurants and bars at Sleep + Eat. Catch up with them at the centrally located, CRÈME-designed Sleeper Bar and stay late for complimentary drinks on 20 November to carry on your conversations after hours.