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Join the creative class.

Sleep & Eat is the only edited boutique hospitality design event in Europe.

It’s where the design professionals behind leading hospitality brands connect with hoteliers, restauranteurs and the people curating excellence in guest experience.

Why you need to be there...

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Our core values

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Meeting your contemporaries

Revive and strengthen relationships with like-minded design professionals at the cult bar and networking spaces.

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Assess the competition

Be inspired by concepts, trends and products at installations by other exhibiting designers across the event, and share your own vision with them.

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Expand your mind

Join thought leaders from across industries to unpack the latest ideas in talks and workshops that will inform and inspire the evolution of hospitality design and experience.

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The Concepts

Every space at Sleep & Eat is conceptualised and crafted by leading designers to embody the future of boutique hotel and restaurant design, in response to a brief influenced by prominent industry trends.

Eat Set Lighting Fixture

Eat Set

The pursuit of functional, aesthetically pleasing restaurant design sees four distinctive brands craft and exhibit their approach to restaurant space.

Sleeper Bar

Sleeper Bar

Each year an up-and-coming brand is given the chance to conceptualise and create Sleep & Eat’s networking focal point, the Sleeper Bar.