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Design Evolution Restaurant Bar

Restaurants and Bars - The Design Evolution

25/10/2018 Between our Sheets
Traditional casual dining is on the decline. Once unstoppable chains like Jamie’s Italian, Prezzo and Byron Burger are closing sites and restructuring faster than you can say vegan cheese melt. Why?...
Cameron Design House

8 Top Tips for Sculptural Lighting in Hospitality Environments

24/10/2018 Between our Sheets
By Ian Cameron, Creative Director of Cameron Design House Helmi chandelier by Cameron Design House 1. Make the design work with your space, rather than the other way around We always take a design-...
Shalini Misra

Why design is more political than you might think?

22/10/2018 Between our Sheets
Whether you’re aware of it or not, design is political and it’s shaping both the spirit of the age and how you live your life. Much more than pretty aesthetics, it’s an enabler of social interaction...

Sleep Conference Programme Announced

10/10/2018 Press Releases
Announcing the line-up for this year’s Sleep Conference at Sleep + Eat 2018.

How to build a better relationship between architect and interior designer

03/10/2018 Between our Sheets
"Look what I have to put up with” has likely been uttered the world over by both architects and interior designers when working together, so these four industry leaders share their takes on how best...
Speakers at Sleep and Eat event 2018

Hear from the Visionaries at Europe’s New Restaurant & Bar Design Conference

28/09/2018 Press Releases
This year with the introduction of a restaurant and bar component, Sleep, Europe’s leading hotel design show, has become Sleep + Eat and will be debuting an Eat Conference. Packed with the foremost...
Hotel Cafe Royal

Inside... Hotel Café Royal

13/09/2018 Between our Sheets
Victorian designer and leading figure in the Arts and Crafts movement, William Morris once famously declared: “have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful...
Nicholas de Klerk

The Virtual Guest - Nicholas de Klerk

24/08/2018 Between our Sheets
I have written about the technology-driven notion of the ‘borderless’ hotel before , but have not, as yet, explored what this means for the design of actual hotels. The term borderless in this...
Jun Aizaki Creme Design

Design Journeys: Jun Aizaki – founder, CRÈME/Jun Aizaki Architecture and Design

24/08/2018 Between our Sheets
Jun Aizaki has led his own Brooklyn-based practice, CRÈME/Jun Aizaki Architecture & Design, since 2004. A collaboration of dynamic, international designers and creative professionals, CRÈME’s...
Jun Aizaki Creme Design

NYC’s CRÈME to Design Sleep + Eat’s Destination Bar

16/08/2018 Press Releases
(London – date 2018) Acclaimed creative design studio, CRÈME / Jun Aizaki Architecture, based in Williamsburg, Brooklyn is bringing its particular brand of design to London this year by way of the...
Conran and Partners - Boundary

Tina Norden - An Emotional Connection

10/08/2018 Between our Sheets
Tina Norden has been designing hotels and hospitality spaces around the world for 20 years. She was the lead designer for boutique art hotel South Place in London, and is currently overseeing the...
Heleri Rande Eat Theatre Sleep Hospitality Restaurant Bar Design

Q&A with Heleri Rande - Curator of the Eat Theatre

09/08/2018 Between our Sheets
“I like to think of myself as the organisational brain for the creatives - be it designers or chefs.” Food and beverage strategist and Supper magazine’s consulting editor, Heleri Rande is this year’s...