“This is where we start our journey”

Travelling from all corners of the world our 5 sleep set designers congregated at Sleep’s head office in London for a round-table discussion with Sinus Milieus, the institute behind this year’s Science of Tribes theme at Sleep. The design practices joined together to immerse themselves in their assigned tribe, start planning their room concepts and begin their sleep set design journey…. 

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Sinus Milieus is a marketing and social research institute, with its core objective to observe how society changes all the time. The Sinus Institute has developed a social model to identify attitudes and social situations that create tribes based on the shared values of their members. Having conducted research across 38 markets, Sleep will focus on 5 meta-milieus tribes for our Sleep Set competition.

After a short and rather humorous introduction from Sleep’s Brand Manager Joel Butler, Matthias Arnold and Peter Thomas from Sinus Milieus immersed the designers into the methodology, lifestyle, aspirations and travel behaviour of each tribe, journeying through the 5 selected tribes called; Intellectuals, Digital Avantgarde, Sensation oriented, Performers and Established tribes.

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The introduction to the tribal theory then stimulated an insightful conversation amongst our 5 Sleep Set design practices, all of whom challenged and questioned the theory of Meta-Milieus in the context of hospitality. Singaporean based WOW Architect, addressed the issue of taking on long investments with big hotel brands, at the same time as keeping up with shifting behavioural changes within each tribe. Whilst the team at Gensler asked Are we too digital? Discussing whether digital advancements are the underlying cause of change to all of The Science of Tribes.

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Moving onto the afternoon, each designer was asked to apply the morning’s tribal knowledge to their sleep set concept, and were all provided valuable 1-on-1 time with the Sinus team. The round-table ended with a treat to Bourne& Hollingsworth, where our designers and the Sinus team got to know one another and discussed the frequently asked question What tribe are you?

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Join us on 22nd-23rd November, to see the final Sleep Set rooms and the winner announcement-  Register here