So... you want to be a designer?

No two designers follow the same path and there’s no such thing as a traditional career trajectory in the design world. But all tend to experience the same challenges, defeat similar weaknesses, muster personal resilience and develop their own creative vision along the way. Between them, these five designers’ visions have shaped internationally acclaimed spaces from Beijing’s Zyongkun Luoyong Vineyard Resort and Switzerland’s Nevai Hotel, to The Sanderston and London Edition’s Berner’s Tavern.

 Here, they share advice for those aspiring to follow in their revered footsteps and pursue a career in international design and architecture

Shalini Misra, interior architect:  Be daring and patient. It may take walking through a few doors before you find the one that will take you to the place where you belong. If you have an idea, start working on it now. Don’t wait until you get the job. The job will come the moment you fully believe in your vision, embrace it and start living it every day.

Shalini Misra

                                                                                                                         Shalini Misra


Ed Ng, founder, AB Concept: Don't give up easily. Stay curious and passionate for design, learn from your mentors. Never stop growing as an individual and never let anything limit your creativity.

Angela Dapper, partner, Denton Corker Marshall: Platforms such as Instagram offer a more level playing field for clients to select designers. Create designs that you want to create; be clear in your direction and just go for it.

Denton Corker Marshall

                                                                                            Denton Corker Marshall's Sleep Set teaser image


Ben Webb, founder, 3Stories: Get stuck in. You won’t get things right first time nor will you be a brilliant designer from the off. It takes time and, more importantly, experience to get great at this job.




Yasmine Mahmoudieh, interior designer and architect: First of all, one needs to be excited and passionate about this field. If you aren’t, there are plenty who will be. I also believe that one needs to have a sense of business and financial literacy. I find that this is something rarely taught. I learned all this the hard way and sometimes paid a high price for my lack of financial education. It’s a misperception that a creative profession doesn’t require financial skills. Especially if one wants to be their own boss and would choose not to work for someone else.

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