Scotland Yard transforms into Luxury London Hotel…

The historic Great Scotland Yard. LuLu Group courtesy of Forbes Life. 

Once home to the infamous Jack the Ripper case and London’s Metropolitan Police Service, The Great Scotland Yard building also served as a recruitment office of the British Army, headquarters of the Royal Military Police, and most recently a library of the Ministry of Defence… Oh and best of all, it has been celebrated by classic British novels by Charles Dickens and Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes series!

The Georgian red brick and stone building now promises to epitomize luxury and high-class, as M.A Yusuff Ali, one of the wealthiest Indians in the Middle East, plans to transform the heritage building to one of London’s most elite five-star hotels.

Competing with the likes of the Ritz and The Dorchester, the 92,000 sq ft luxury hotel will now be called the Great Scotland Yard Hotel, and will open in early 2017. The seven-storeyed hotel will include 235 guest rooms, restaurants, a library, meeting rooms, and an entertaining suite which will be built into the hotel by an adjoining Victorian townhouse.

There’s no doubt that Scotland Yard carries a wealth of British history to its name, the question is will its forthcoming plans overshadow or add to the buildings British heritage?

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