Leur D’Encens - The Fragrance of Sleep



The concept behind Leur D’Encens, by Auli, comes from the uncanny belongingness we sometimes feel towards unknown places. It was inspired by a deep contemplating evening in the magical city of Seville- the smell of old incense and rays of light playing like a golden thread intertwined together. Notes of Labdanum, Pine Alleppo, Benzoin Siam, Cedarwood and Vetiver interlaces softly with Frankincense, Opoponax and Rose to create a sanctuary as vast as Incense and as infinite as light.


It was a day where dawn and dusk appeared in eternal rounds. He followed many pairs of feet, from the court of oranges to inside behind the big elaborate doors. A stranger in this frolic evening, exuberance all around, he feels something so known yet unknown. He smells the perfume of incense in the air, the dry and the damp, still so light and diffusive that it feels like perfume scattered through the rays of light. Here he was, visiting this city and many of her ornate buildings, as a stranger, yet something spoke to him so familiar, that he wasn’t a stranger anymore.
The ornate glass windows soared above his head making it feel as though the whole place glowed in gold, and there was glimmering motion, rhythm, light and perfume.


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