Hotel 2035: Sleep & Eat Set Teasers

At Sleep & Eat Virtual, visitors are invited to immerse themselves in a 360 interactive tour of Hotel 2035, and explore every room; from the Lobby, Lounge, and Cocktail Bars, through to Restaurant, Networking Lounge, and Guestrooms, all specially designed for the hotel guest of 15 years time.

This year created in collaboration with world-leading hotel brands, our cohort of 2020 designers treat us to a taster of the innovative design concepts behind their concept rooms...

The Lobby by Studio Arcibella

Helsinki- based Studio Arcibella is designing a fresh perspective for lobbies of the future; the heart of the hotel experience.

‘’Hospitality, in our opinion, is about exploring, experiencing and, in these times, about safety, and we have created our concept around these elements. We will surround guests with serenity combined with excitement and take them on a small green journey to the future. In the times we now live in, we all feel anxiety and uncertainty so we need to be rooted, soothed and present in the moment but, on the other hand, human longing for adventure and exploration has not disappeared.” - Kristiina Michelsson, Founder and CEO, Studio Arcibella

Collaborators: Saas Instruments Oy, Light Cognitive – lighting solutions; KOR – furniture.

Studio Arcibella
The Lobby by Studio Arcibella

Cocktail Bar by SUPERFUTURES

Design studio SUPERFUTURES, led by Andy Martin, moves away from the traditional in a quest to revolutionise hospitality design. According to Andy, design is an instrumental part of innovation, an all-encompassing creative art which covers not only the three-dimensional form, but sound, light and multi-sensory experiences. 

“The Bar for Sleep & Eat will focus on social interaction defined by the individual’s creative persona within their preferred zone of personal protection.” - Nadia Soussa, Creative Director, SUPERFUTURES

Superfutures Design
The Cocktail Bar by Superfutures

The Restaurant by Boxx Creative

Award-winning creative studio, Boxx Creative, is designing a thought-provoking restaurant space in collaboration with Michelin star chef Oliver Marlowe, and Karen Haller, the internationally renowned Behavioural Design and Applied Colour Psychology specialist.

Boxx Creative
Moodboard by Boxx Creative

“In a globalist future dominated by technology that is both omnipresent and implanted, it is predicted that by 2035 humans will be connected to artificial intelligence and machines. With food growth, production and distribution tightly measured and controlled, the question has been asked if restaurants will simply become augmented reality creations providing the perception of experience and illusion of choice? Our shared vision invites diners to discover a different future; one where they can fully restore, thrive and authentically connect with the land, nature, food and each other. The dining experience is highly personalised and enriching, nourishing all the senses and in harmony with the locality, community and environment. This is what it means to be human.” – Nicola Lindsell and Nicola Keenan, Co-founders and Directors of Boxx Creative.

Boxx Creative
The Restaurant by Boxx Creative

Lounge Bar by Atellior

With change comes a new way of thinking, and Atellior’s Lounge Bar will explore what our near future is looking like.

‘’Our bar design addresses the “New Normal” and allows guests to enjoy a cosy/casual drink or hold a business catch-up safely, keeping physical distance in order to maintain their safety and safety of others. We are placing emphasis on physical, rather than social, distancing, as now more than ever we need to be socially aware, kind and connected. Our design will explore the ergonomics of making socialising at physical distance enjoyable and fulfilling.’’ – Una Barac, Founder and Executive Director, Atellior

The Lounge Bar by Atellior


Networking Lounge by InsideOut



Physical networking might not be on the cards right now, but return it will, and innovators and designers, InsideOut, have plans to transform the typical networking experience with a concept that weaves together areas for standing out in and retreating into, plantings and water features to calm stressed minds and art to stimulate conversation. A networking space enabling users to move freely within their comfort zones.

The Networking Lounge by InsideOut

‘’Networking is not just about connecting people. It’s about connecting people with people, people with ideas, and people with opportunities. Of significance, is also how different generations and technological advancements influence spaces related to human interaction. Our approach focuses on an experiential journey as a key factor to the success of this space typology. Weaving a delicate yet exciting networking experience for future generations, be it for business or pleasure, will create a balanced and interactive environment.’’ – Philip Russell, Commercial Associate, InsideOut

Collaborators: Punto Immagine – design team; [Between] Communication and Design – strategic consulting; RO Services – principal supplier.


The Guestroom Sets



Perkins & Will X Accor

"A transformable design helps the guest unhook from the stresses and strains of daily life and travel, enabling them to re-connect with nature through mindfulness.This will guide them towards an understanding of mental and physical well-being whilst remaining environmentally conscious, cocooned by the small indulgences of Mövenpick’s world famous generosity."

Perkins and Will
Perkins & Will X Accor

ReardonSmith Architects X Delight

"By 2035 luxury will no longer be defined by just the level of service or pompous materialistic items in a room, but rather by the level of personalisation. Generation Z seeks ease in everyday life, and for this to be reflected in their hotel room of choice. ReardonSmith Architects have teamed up with HoCoSo, Delight Brand Agency and students from some of the world’s leading hospitality schools, to provide Generation Z with the most seamless stay yet. Together with Suited Interior Designs and Elektra Lighting, the perfect multi-functional 5* hotel room has come to life, redefining luxury. The room that knows you better than yourself – Heya."

ReardonSmith Architects
ReardonSmith Architects X Delight






AD Associates X IHG

"The AD/voco guestroom of 2035 will be flexible and it will be personal. It will tell a different story to everyone who stays. It will be sustainable, as standard. No longer a debate or discussion topic, sustainability will be ingrained in hospitality and travel culture. It will be the norm."

AD Associates
AD Associates X IHG

"The room will carve itself a new identity for each guest so they feel appreciated. It won’t just be somewhere to leave your luggage and get a good night's sleep. Through the effective integration of personalisation, the AD/voco guestroom 2035 will not only enhance the trip, but be a memorable part of the trip as well."

AD Associates
Moodboard by AD Associates

Chalk Architecture X Wyndham Hotels and Resorts

"2035 - Question Everything. Gen Z are a generation who, rightly, question the status quos of society. They question what previous generations accepted as "just what you do", from what a job is, to when, how and who to marry, to what they spend money on, to fundamental societal structures. The key to the future success of any business or space is to challenge what is expected. Why does a hotel room have a bed, a bathroom and desk? In fact what is a bed? What are walls? Do we need towels to dry? How will our future selves define experiential desires? Working with groundbreaking research/teaching practice Desitecture, UWL, and cutting edge design graduates, the Chalk Architecture and hotel brand consultant Hotel Hussy team are exploring the DNA of the hotel bedroom experience."

Chalk Architecture
Chalk Architecture X Wyndham Hotels and Resorts


Want to explore more of Hotel 2035? At Sleep & Eat Virtual, 17-19 November, cutting-edge walk-throughs by Fumo Studio will allow visitors to explore the concepts in detail, pause to learn more about a specific feature, hear from the designers and link through to the suppliers via their computer, phone or tablet.

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