Experience a Wonder Tale sensation...


With our Sleep Set posters revealed and less than 7 weeks to go until the Sleep Event, Between Our Sheets are taking a closer look at the challenging concept of Wonder Tale, and how each designer will interpret this theme…

First of all, let’s get to the bottom of ‘Wonder Tale’. The concept of Wonder Tale in its literal form, is a German reference to the genre of fairy tales, which in itself proves to be rather ambiguous; whilst one universally agreed-upon matter is that fairy tales do not require actual fairies, common parlance conflates fairy tales with beast fables and folktales, and in the 21st century the theme inevitably become synonymous with a certain American multinational mass media and entertainment conglomerate *coughs*(Disney).

So why apply this theme to a hospitality competition? Mathew Dalby, Creative Director of the Studio at Harrods and sleep set designer believes “Hotels are transient places, with a lot of people moving in and out of rooms…so designers have the opportunity to create something extra-ordinary and incredible for guests to see and experience”. Katy Ghahremani Partner at Make Architects, and sleep set judge adds “hospitality challenges the way we use space, so you can push the boundaries; a theme such as Wonder Tale takes you out of your normal realm of comfort”.

Areen Hospitality: Recognising that fairy tales include distortion of perspective and particularly scale, such as Alice in Wonderland, Andrew Linwood will weave in the concept of duality into his sleep set. He will  attempt to change people’s expectations as they walk through the sleep set and experience things which are not exactly as they appear to be.

The Design Studio at Harrods: Playing with basic fairy tale iconography such as Red Riding hood, Mathew Dalby will display Wonder Tale through the idea of inversion, bringing the outdoor into the indoor sleep set environment.

Oliver Heath will connect the guests to the natural environment with natural materials, textures and processes through Biophilic Design; this will reflect the way that forests are portrayed as magical places in fairy tales.

Anita Rosato: Inspired by the human psyche and the unconscious mind, Anita Rosato takes a psychological approach on Wonder Tale. Through Freud and Jung’s theory, fairy tales reveal our unconscious desires, fulfillment fantasies, and fears which will be portrayed through the mind of a person deep in sleep; believing this to be the primary window into the unconscious mind.

Shaun Clarkson: With a degree in fine art, Sean Clarkson will use his artistic skills to create a Wonder Tale sensation, reflecting the over the top, beautiful and surreal element of fairy tales. 

Join us at The Sleep Event to find out the winner of this year’s Sleep Set.