Sleep Bar Shortlisted for Best Pop-Up Bar of the Year

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Joel Butler, Sleep's Brand Manager...

I sold my record player recently, along with a dust-gathering vinyl collection. This noticeable loss is lamented every time Spotify thanks the sponsor for the music that quietly fills my flat. 
So imagine the blow when the Restaurant and Bar Design Awards only go and send a ticket to their shortlist party in the form of a white vinyl LP. Its weight felt good to hold, and as an edited version of myself from ten years ago flashed before my eyes accompanied by a sound track.
Receiving the gift had left its mark and triggered my instant RSVP.

Last year’s Sleep Event bar has been shortlisted for Best Pop-Up Bar of the Year at the Restaurant and Bar Design Awards. My colleagues, friends, family and anyone who will listen are often told that this will be the third consecutive year that we’re in the mix (and we won it the year before last), that the bar was amazing, that the hotel industry still talk about it…and that now it’s gone. It’s been. It popped up and then down. We are left with only photographs, floor plans and memories.
It was designed by Conran and Partners. The theme was wonder and it was truly wonderful. Like walking into a colouring book; an outlined forest left blank apart from an intricately coloured-in red balloon. It had humorous, loving and occasionally shocking details, and it was a hoot for the two days that it was tangible.
And herein lies the beauty of this event malarkey. It’s the component pop-up parts that create the magic; the show-stopping stand, panellists disagreeing on the conference stage, drinking inside a colouring book and receiving a 12” white vinyl as a VIP ticket. These component parts disappear when the show is over, but then sellotape themselves together like a faded polaroid to become our experience and truth.
So good luck to Tina, Chris and the rest of the team at Conran and Partners. The shortlist party is already being experienced with a sound-tracked anticipation. Here’s to the beauty of impermanence…