Designscape: Hospitality Design Roundup

Following a busy 3 days, Designscape - the new virtual event from the creative minds behind Sleep & Eat - has come to a close. If you didn’t quite catch our full line up of virtual discussions and insightful symposiums, you can catch up on-demand here.

Specially curated for professionals across hospitality design, Hospitality Day featured thought-leading discussions from trailblazers in design, business, science and technology, including Accor, citizenM Hotels, Marriott Luxury, and many more. From the future of ‘clean design’ in public spaces, to ‘The Great Reset’ in hospitality, Designscape’s expert panels unpicked a diverse spectrum of current and pressing industry themes.

To help you decide on where to start, browse our wrap-up of Hospitality Day’s jam-packed agenda.

Headline Discussion – The Great Reset In Hospitality

Moderator: Andy Bishop, Creative Director, Informa Design Portfolio

Speakers: Michael Levie, COO & Founding Partner, citizenM Hotels, Matthew Seal, Senior Director Luxury Brands, Marriot International and Ed Bakos, CEO, Champalimaud Design

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on hospitality has been huge; from operations, investment, conceptual design and much more. In Hospitality Day’s headline discussion, the panel consider new imperatives and learnings that the industry must take on board to survive and flourish, bringing their expert perspectives from the arenas of design, brand, operations, business and investment.

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“We as an industry cannot fall behind. There are ‘must-do’s. There is a must-do in reacting to new safety, security and sanitation measures, there is a must-do in reacting to social distancing adjustments, there is a must-do in digitising and altering service processes.” – Michael Levie, citizenM Hotels

future of hospitality

Clean Design in Public Spaces

Moderator: Sophie Harper, Editor, Space

Speakers: Dexter Moren, Partner, Dexter Moren Associates, Damien Perrot, Senior Vice President, Design Solutions, Accor and Afroditi Krassa, Founder, Afroditi Krassa

Public spaces are the environments in which we congregate and socialise. As those in the hospitality community are well aware, guests do not go to restaurants purely to eat, or hotels purely to sleep; they go for the social experience, the ambience, the atmosphere, and an escape from the everyday.

In the short term, how can designers create public spaces that accommodate memorable, social experiences whilst respecting new rules on social distancing, hygiene etc.? Which materials should be prioritised with regard to public safety and the environment? In the longer term, as work patterns shift and city structures evolve, how can restauranteurs and hoteliers create experiences that counteract diminished footfall in business districts, and draws custom back in?

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“The change in the way we work will ultimately change city patterns, and the way we build cities.” - Afroditi Krassa, Afroditi Krassa

Clean Design in Public Spaces

AI & Tech: Transforming the Guest Experience

ModeratorHeleri Rande, Sleep & Eat Conference Curator & Host

Speakers: Olivier Delaunoy, Operations and Technology Director, Bloc Hotels, Olaf Slater, General Manager Sales - DACH & Eastern Europe, Sabre Hospitality Solutions and Ben Webb, Co-Founder, 3Stories

AI technology has taken on a whole new relevance in the hospitality sphere. Once thought of as a far-off gimmick, today’s competitive hospitality market is requiring organizations to seriously consider advanced technologies in discussions surrounding guest satisfaction and convenience.

By integrating guest data from multiple touchpoints, can hoteliers better tailor and enhance their guests’ experience? Are recently expedited technologies, such as touchless payment and app-based ordering, the new and necessary precedent for survival? If the industry continues to move towards digitisation at the current rate, how can new systems be reconciled with the human-to-human element so vital to the character of hospitality?

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“We are at that edge point of finally adopting new technologies and applying them to ‘broken’ situations in guest experience. Experiences that hadn’t been ‘painful’ enough, but now are.” – Olaf Slater, Sabre Hospitality Solutions

The Westin Hotel & Residences
The Westin Hotel & Residences - Dexter Moren Associates

Hospitality Investment: Unexpected Opportunities

Moderator: Alexi Khajavi, Group President, Travel & Hospitality, Questex

Speakers: Matthew Livian, Managing Partner & Chief Investment Officer, Sydell Group, Hugh Taylor OBE, Chief Executive, Michels & Taylor, Kfir Levy, Co-Founder, Habitas

Recent events have shown us the importance of future-proofing expansion and investment plans. Though unlike in previous recessions, there can be no certainty in any of the normal KPIs on which decisions surrounding allocation of capital are based. Any investment in the hospitality industry demands a heavy ‘risk premium’.

Are our age-old inclinations to socially gather and seek new experiences enough to ‘heal’ the hospitality industry before time runs out? Will new uncertainties precipitate a wholesale change in the investment landscape, or simply an acceleration of existing trends? And in either eventuality, where are the opportunities for growth that we need to have on our radar?

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"I'm very excited for it to be an acceleration of trends, seeing what's happening on the ground, there is a shift happening and I would like to hope that we're all going to come out stronger, and it will be for the better. It's good to see people wanting a more conscious travel and leisure experience." - Kefir Levy, Habitas

Hospitality Investment

Designing for Sustainable Hospitality & Tourism

ModeratorHarry McKinley, Journalist & Hospitality Consultant

SpeakersErik Nissen-Johansen, Creative Director & Founder, Stylt Trampoli, Blanche van Berckel, Founder & CEO, Vous Hotels & Retreats and Jerry Tate, Partner, Tate Harmer

As host environments begins to understand their social responsibility, minimising impact, giving back and improving efficiency have come to the top of the agenda.

In tandem, ‘sustainable tourism’ has become an increasingly commonplace buzzword to see and hear, but what does it look like in practice? How can hospitality brands avoid ‘green-washing’ and ensure their practices are truly reflective of their claims? Once a strategy is in place, how can projects on smaller budgets adhere to sustainable principles without breaking the bank?

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"It's not about fancy taps, or whatever. It's about a beautiful place, it's about comfort, it's about local, great food, and all of those elements together will create sustainable travel and tourism." - Blanche Van Berckel, Vous Hotels and Retreats

Upland Park
Upland Park Eco Lodges - Tate Harmer

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