Designer Profiles

Katie Edgar Designer Profile

Designer Profile: Katie Edgar, SpaceInvader

In order to develop the traditional bar as it stands today SpaceInvader will try to establish what needs changing. With the rise in traction of social media, face to face interaction has become rare...
Maria Tibblin Profile

Designer Profile: Maria Tibblin

Maria Tibblin’s guestroom “Tradition of the Future” will be a New Luxury with a strong focus on the ultimate personal and genuine space for each and every guest. Will it be best girlfriends enjoying...

Designer Profile: Anne-Marie Sabatier and Flavie Deram, HAT Design

HAT Design's quest is to design destinations - a new experience of guest wellbeing, guiding and mothering each of their projects to mold its unique identity. The studio is inspired by life,...
Nathalie Rozencwaig Profile

Designer Profile: Nathalie Rozencwajg, NAME Architecture

A global practice with strong local connections, NAME architecture has distinctive expertise in culturally significant projects and crafting beautiful solutions that maximise the architectural...
Joe Stella Profile

Designer Profile: Joe Stella, twenty2design

twenty2degrees Design Partnership was established in 2012 by Nicholas Stoupas following 10 years spent working at Director Level with the hospitality design industry. Having led and managed the...
Isabelle Miaja Profile

Designer Profile: Isabelle Miaja, Miaja Design Group

Miaja Design Group is an international Interior Design & Architecture firm providing design solutions for luxury brand hotels & resorts, corporate developments, high-end residential, and F...