Designer Profile: Superfutures

Superfutures Design
Project: Chotto Matte Miami by Superfutures

Superfutures is an award-winning multi-disciplinary design & branding studio, specialising in creating multi-sensory designs for hotels and resorts, restaurants, bars, and workspaces worldwide.

Led by Andy Martin, the London-based design studio moves away from the traditional in a quest to revolutionise hospitality design. According to Andy, design is an instrumental part of innovation, an all-encompassing creative art which covers not only the three-dimensional form, but sound, light and multi-sensory experiences. Design, he argues, has major role in shaping the community and future culture.

For Sleep & Eat’s 15th anniversary event, Superfutures will be designing a future-facing cocktail bar for the guest of 15 years time.

“The Bar for Sleep & Eat will focus on social interaction defined by the individual’s creative persona within their preferred zone of personal protection.” - Nadia Soussa, Creative Director, SUPERFUTURES