Designer Profile: ReardonSmith Architects

ReardonSmith Architects is an award-winning global leader in hotel and resort design. The architectural practice has an impressive track record in the restoration and rebuilding of luxury hotels in London, an exceptional reputation for the design of new destinations in Europe and extensive experience of hotel architecture across the entire spectrum of new-build and existing estates.

ReardonSmith Architects are among the designers working on this year's Guestroom Sets for Sleep & Eat Virtual, in collaboration with Lifestyle Branding Agency, Delight, Hospitality Consulting Solutions company, HoCoSo, and students from Glion Institute of Higher Education and Hotelschool, The Hague.

ReardonSmith Architects
Pictured: Jonny Sin | Project: Monastero Santa Rosa Hotel

Jonny Sin is the Associate Director at ReardonSmith Architects, with extensive experience in the delivery of luxury hotel developments. Since joining ReardonSmith, he has received an award at the European Hotel Design Awards, and has been nominated for Hotel Architect of the Year, 2019 (The Brit List). 

On the experience of working on a Guestroom set for the hotel guest of 15 years time, in conjunction with the event’s 15th anniversary theme, Jonny Sin, Director of ReardonSmith Architects, said: “We are living through a time of re-calibration when some existing trends will accelerate and others will be re-thought. This makes it particularly meaningful to be working with students who will be the managers and owners, as well as influential guests, of hotels in 15 years’ time.”