Designer Profile: Boxx Creative

Boxx Creative is a multi-award winning, proactive and purposeful London-based creative studio specialising in global projects for hospitality, workplace and residential clients.

Co-founded by Nicola Lindsell and Nicola Keenan in 2017, being environmentally minded, socially responsible and community-driven, is at the heart of what they do and drives their design philosophy is to ‘Consciously Create’.

Boxx Creative
Project: Stonebow House Cafe | Pictured: Nicola Keenan

For Sleep & Eat Virtual, Boxx Creative are designing a thought-provoking restaurant space in collaboration with Oliver Marlowe, Michelin star chef and Karen Haller, international renowned Behavioural Design and Applied Colour Psychology specialist.

Boxx Creative
Pictured: Nicola Lindsell | Project: Miramonti Hotel

“Our shared vision invites diners to discover a different future; one where they can fully restore, truly thrive and authentically connect with the land, nature, food and each other. The dining experience is highly personalised and enriching, nourishing all the senses and in harmony with the locality, community and environment. This is what it means to be human.”