Designer Profile: Arcibella

Led by Kristiina Michelsson, Studio Arcibella is a Helsinki based interior architecture company specialising in public spaces – hotels, restaurants, bars, offices, and boutiques. Arcibella’s approach to interior architecture is international, being both Scandinavian and Italian inspired.

Kristiina Michelsson is an architect in third generation; the great grand daughter of the national Sculpture of Finland, Wäinö Aaltonen. Though she has strong connections to Finnish Art, design and Architecture, her heart is divided between the Scandinavian functional design and Italian architecture and design. Both influences are clear in her unique design approach.

For Sleep & Eat Virtual, Arcibella will be designing a virtually-envisioned lobby space, set to provide a fresh perspective on lobbies of the future.

Pictured: Kristiina Michelsson

‘’Hospitality, in our opinion, is about exploring, experiencing and, in these times, about safety, and we have created our concept around these elements. We will surround guests with serenity combined with excitement and take them on a small green journey to the future. In the times we now live in, we all feel anxiety and uncertainty so we need to be rooted, soothed and present in the moment but, on the other hand, human longing for adventure and exploration has not disappeared.” - Kristiina Michelsson, Founder and CEO, Studio Arcibella