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Introducing Sleep + Eat: Europe's Hospitality Design Event

Eating out is big business, that’s nothing new. The UK’s market valued it at an estimated £87.9 billion in 2017, but more people than ever – 74% of diners, in fact – want to tuck into their cuisine...

Encrypting Loyalty in a Bar Interior Design

By Sundukovy Sisters design and architecture studio The challenge… We were challenged to create an experiential temporary bar at Sleep 2017 and reflect the theme for Sleep 2017 – Loyalty: Lessons in...

Is loyalty dead? How to earn loyal customers in hospitality projects.

Customer loyalty is a crucial component of success in the hospitality industry. Recent research suggests that while loyalty may be harder to earn than ever before, the standards and requirements to...

Leur D’Encens - The Fragrance of Sleep

THE CONCEPT The concept behind Leur D’Encens, by Auli, comes from the uncanny belongingness we sometimes feel towards unknown places. It was inspired by a deep contemplating evening in the magical...

Something 2D this way comes

By Rodney McMahon, Design Guild Mark chairman Design has the wonderful power to arouse very different emotions and feelings within people. A sublime innovation in one person’s mind can be viewed as a...

How do Designers Create Loyalty?

Constantina Tsoutsikou, Creative Director of HBA London and one of the AHEAD Europe judges, shares her top tips. With endless choice available in the hospitality sector, hotels today are finding it...

Slow Design & The Experience Economy

By Motti Essakow, Natural Capitalist and Chief Imagineer, Rythms by Design Whilst the “Slow” movement has only recently attracted mainstream attention and shaped the direction of design, the concept...

The secret to successful commercial projects: designing for brand & loyalty

In today’s fickle consumer landscape, the question of how to build customer loyalty and brand ID is more important than ever for commercial clients. Here we ask four top commercial Interior Designers...
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It’s the feeling that counts.

Once upon a time we were happy with our consumer economy, comfortable in the knowledge that what we consumed, stated who we were and defined our position in society. Simple, easy and clear. You knew...

Key Trends by Grohe

Future trends Our in-house design team visits all the major design fairs in the world and will be visiting the London Design Festival this week bringing back lots of insights into the future of...
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Europe enjoys a robust hotel construction pipeline

The hospitality construction pipeline has been revealed and Europe’s current pipeline is looking robust and promising, according to the latest report from Top Hotel Projects. The rich history in...

Suppliers: Achieving experience economy

The rise of experience economy and strive in creating memorable hotel experiences to achieve guest loyalty, is an objective at the forefront of the entire hotel supply chain. But how can brands...