4 Ways Designers Can Use Visualisation Technologies to Enhance Their Projects

While the world continues to adapt to this fluid situation, visualisation technologies have shown the pathway for people to connect to spaces, events and communities. Through engaging with new technological innovations, visualisation methods are able to provide solutions that overcome present challenges and inspire new ways to experience and present designs.

Virtual Reality (or VR) has the potential to include the designer and/or client in their product’s configuration and presentation in an immersive 360 degree simulated environment. Whereas conventional means of presentation involve the viewer observing two-dimensional media on a screen or paper in front of them, VR allows the user to revolve within a space allowing them to appreciate the spatial theatrics of a design and venue.

This year, Sleep & Eat are delighted to collaborate with Fumo Studio in producing the event in a new and exciting way. This year's design-led features and concept guestrooms, usually designed and physically built, are being reimagined as immersive 3D virtual reality walkthroughs. Combining realistic materiality with the freedom to allow the participant to explore each of the design teams’ creations, the event will now hold place virtually within a fictional but lifelike 'Hotel'.

In the increasingly digital landscape ahead, how can those in the design world harness visualisation technologies to enhance their projects? Fumo Studio share their top tips.

Fumo Studio
Visualisation by Fumo Studio

4 Ways Designers and Architects can Harness Visualisation Technologies to Enhance their Projects

Breaking through the frame

Two dimensional imagery has thus far been the natural medium for presentations, with photorealism being the primary evolving factor. Although a still image can now illustrate the intricacies and realism of material and light, it is incapable of fully translating the drama of sensation akin to physically exploring a space. VR transports a user into an environment that excites the senses, experiencing scale and volume that can trigger a greater emotive response.

As social distancing restrictions have caused disruption to many industries, various designers, architects etc. have had to entrust in new technologies to offer an alternative means of connecting with their target audience. 3D walkthroughs have allowed clients and end users the opportunity to take a virtual tour without leaving their home.


Early adoption of Virtual Reality

Although VR can be used for final presentations, engaging this method at an early stage and utilising a visualiser as a design development tool can be highly effective. As a design can be experienced immersively, it’s procession undergoes a rigorous critique often resuulting in a greater considered final design. Bringing the visualiser onboard at an early stage can promote a more fluid collaboration – where the visualiser is being used to enhance and develop the initial concept, responding to clients’ needs.

Visualisation technologies can assist the design professional to finalise key architectural decisions. Using the VR views of a detailed model, designers can test design options or material choices under realistic lighting conditions.

Fumo Studio

Animations for all

As image realism has improved, designers can harness these new means to provide a cost-effective option to clients who in the past may typically have been deterred by the output costs associated with conventional animation rendering. Previously considered an optional expense restricted by budget, any project regardless of scale can now benefit from animations that have the potential to enrich a client’s brand and strengthen their marketing campaign.

Collaboration in Real-time

Through the rapid uptake of virtual meeting software, designer and visualiser can collaborate in a virtual space, becoming an intimate part of the creative process. Designers can engage in real-time editing of spaces, making intricate tweaks to their designs as they go. 

Fumo Studio

Interested to see how our 2020 designers virtually bring to life their Sleep & Eat Sets for the guest of 15 years time? 

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