Video Meetings Programme

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New for 2020

Sleep & Eat are excited to introduce our virtual video meetings programme, new for 2020, allowing you to arrange meetings with hospitality design suppliers from across the globe.

Users will be able to create personal profiles, identify key contacts based on their area of interest and job type, build relationships and create business opportunities - resulting in a pre-planned roster of private video meetings at Sleep & Eat Virtual

A team of matchmaking professionals support the service, assisting with meeting arrangements before and during the event.

How does it work?

  1. Once the portal is open, you will receive a link to access your personal profile - you will need to ensure you have registered beforehand
  2. Search the database and find contacts specific to your requirements – filter by job title, business type or sector
  3. Send and receive video meeting invitations from potential new leads
  4. Receive a meeting schedule with names, details and photos of your meeting partners
  5. Ensure meetings take at Sleep & Eat 2020 with SMS and email reminders
Sector Global

What do I need to do?


  • When registration opens, register with your details and you will be notified as soon as Sleep & Eat Matchmaking is open


  • Register your staff for the event 
  • Update your exhibitor information as this will be pre-populated into the meetings programme
  • As soon as Sleep & Eat Matchmaking opens you will receive notification by email

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