Sleep Sets 2018: Interior designers meet lifestyle brands

HBA London x Natural History Museum

Constantina Tsoutsikou
Natural History Museum
Hirsch Bedner Associates London Natural History Museum Sleep Set Hospitality Design Teaser

Since 1965, HBA London has been setting the global standard for luxury, comfort and innovation in hotels. This year, Constantina Tsoutsikou, who manages the creative direction of HBA London's hospitality interior design projects, will be collaborating with the Natural History Museum to create a truly unique experience. 

Many thanks to Robins Design and Ahsap for building this Sleep Set.

Denton Corker Marshall x West Ham FC

Angela Dapper Denton Corker Marshall
West Ham FC Stadium
Denton Corker Marshall West Ham FC Sleep Set Hospitality Design Teaser

With a design base in Melbourne and huge international reach, architecture practice DCM has its name to the award-winning Manchester Civil Justice Centre and the Museum of Sydney to name but a few. For this Sleep Set, Angela Dapper is creating an experience that allows hotel guests a glimpse of the culture surrounding it. To turn the hotel room into an experience, Dapper is using a simple design that allows people to come together in one space. 

Our thanks to Phelan Construction Limited for building this Sleep Set.

 Our concept room is not just something to look at but is something to participate in. By enabling movement and offering both moments to engage and reflect, we hope new personal experiences will be created.

Angela Dapper, Partner - Denton Corker Marshall

Find out what the designers have planned here.

Yasmine Mahmoudieh x Penguin Modern Classics

Yasmine Mahmoudieh
Penguin Modern Classics Sleep Set Hospitality hotel bar restaurant design
Penguin Modern Classics Books sleep set hospitality hotel bar restaurant design

Architect, interior designer and entrepreneur Mahmoudieh’s eclectic portfolio has seen her craft everything from the interiors of the airbus a380 to the Massachusetts Museum of contemporary art. Visitors can expect to find a multi-sensory experience with inspiration drawn from three Penguin Modern Classics books. A zen space of tranquillity will await in the bathroom area with influences from Elizabeth von Arnim's "Elizabeth and her German Garden". The bedroom area will remind visitors of Plato's 'The Symposio' of origin and pure love. The lounge and workspace area will dwell deeper into philosophy and wisdom through the works of Rumi. 

Many thanks to Artisan Collective and JD Interior Solutions for building this Sleep Set.


 I want anybody who enters the room never to forget the experience. What should stay in one’s mind shall be the scent and the sounds and the sensual, emotional quality, which goes far beyond the visual aesthetic.

Yasmine Mahmoudieh, Interior Designer & Architect

AB Concept x Maison Pierre Hermé Paris

Ed Terence AB Concept
Pierre Herme sleep set hospitality bar restaurant hotel design event
Ed Ng teaser image sleep set hospitality design event hotel bar restaurant

Renowned for their multi-layered style and meticulous detailing, design duo Ed Ng and Terence Ngan has driven interiors for some of the most beautiful hotels and restaurants in the world. Ed and Terence's Sleep Set will be inspired by Pierre Herme and his seasonal collection of pastries. The installation will indulge guilty pleasures into an imaginary suite with a sophisticated yet provocative manner. 

Our thanks to Guardian for assembling this Sleep Set.


Our Sleep Set is inspired by Pierre Hermé and “Fetish”, his seasonal collection of pastries. We have taken inspiration from this by designing a space that seduces, is all about self-indulgence and is full of sweet surprises.

Ed Ng, Founder - AB Concept