What to expect from the Sleep + Eat Sets…

Throwback to the 80s club scene with Shalini Misra; upturn café culture with 3Stories; see West Ham United from the inside-out with Denton Corker Marshall; be seduced by Hermé with AB Concept; reimagine Penguin Modern Classics with Yasmine Mahmoudieh and bring the Natural History Museum to life with Hirsch Bedner Associates.

Our Sleep Set and Eat Set designers share the thinking behind the immersive installations you’ll experience at Sleep + Eat 2018.

Shalini Misra, interior architect: With the recent demise of many clubbing venues within the UK, we wanted to create a hedonistic paradise that will lure both the creative and bohemian set as well as the louche and glamorous clientele. Expect the reinvention of London’s legendary parties, with bold neon colours, playful patterns, glossy surfaces, optical illusions and much more.

Shalini Misra teaser

                                                                                                                     Shalini Misra Teaser

Angela Dapper, partner, Denton Corker Marshall: We started with the idea of looking at West Ham United from the outside in, and creating an experience that allowed hotel guests a glimpse into the culture surrounding it. West Ham United is a community deeply rooted in history and ritual, its supporters are a collective of individuals bound together by moments in time, personal memories and experiences. To turn this into a hotel room experience, we knew we needed a simple design that would allow people to collectively come together in one space, which would be offset by an enclosed personal space in another. Our concept room is not just something to look at but is something to participate in. By enabling movement and offering both moments to engage and reflect, we hope new personal experiences will be created.

Denton Corker Marshall

                                                                                                             Denton Corker Marshall Teaser

Ed Ng, founder, AB Concept: Our Sleep Set is inspired by Pierre Hermé and “Fetish”, his seasonal collection of pastries. We have taken inspiration from this by designing a space that seduces, is all about self-indulgence and is full of sweet surprises. One very inspirational motto from Pierre is to always work on things for a pleasure. It has been a fun experience to develop this “Fetish” concept of indulging into all those guilty pleasures into an imaginary suite in a sophisticated yet provocative manner.

AB Concept

                                                                                                                   AB Concept Teaser

Ben Webb, founder, 3Stories: I’m not going to give too much away, but the idea is to rethink the traditional interpretation of the British caff and create an abstract space for people to enjoy over the two day event. Hopefully it will become a meeting place as well an instagramable moment for the visitors.

3Stories teaser

                                                                                                                        3Stories Teaser


Yasmine Mahmoudieh, interior designer and architect: My room will be a multi-sensory, as all my projects tend to be, and will draw inspiration from three Penguin books. I want anybody who enters the room never to forget the experience. What should stay in one’s mind shall be the scent and the sounds and the sensual, emotional quality, which goes far beyond the visual aesthetic.

Elizabeth von Arnim’s ‘Elisabeth and her German Garden’ inspired the bathroom area. Her description of the seasons has been translated into a zen space of tranquillity, self-care and pleasure. The bedroom area is inspired by Plato’s ‘The Symposio’ and the origin of pure love. The ceiling has steps on which you can read some of Plato’s key phrases.  The lounge and workspace area are inspired by the philosophy and wisdom contained in the poetry of Rumi, the 13th century Persian poet. Sound will be a major element of my design, with four different sound and music scenarios.


Sleep + Eat takes place at Olympia London from 20-21 November 2018 - get your free ticket here.