The Sleep Set

The brief for designers in the 2017 Sleep Set competition was Loyalty: Lessons in Love. The challenge? To create and disrupt - and create an experience so memorable that loyalty becomes love.         

Stonehill Taylor - Winner of the 2017 Sleep Set competition


"Set in an abstracted forest, the Hotel IRUS reflects and draws from a multicultural wealth of inspiration that is designed to honor the environment, embrace globalization, respect cultural differences and create a unique experience regardless of user or location. And, to underscore the approach of building an engaged world community, The Hotel IRUS  vision has been designed  in New York, crafted in Istanbul and will debut in London."
Vince Stroop, Principal, Stonehill Taylor

MKV Design


"Loyalty and love are fundamental to us as human beings. We need to receive loyalty and love, and we need to give them. They frame our relationships with family and friends, and with our habitats; they influence what we say and do, what we experience and consume and what we feel about the life we are living. Loyalty and love are critical to the here and now and they also generate a legacy for the future."
Maria Katsarou Vafiadis, Managing Director, MKV Design

il Prisma Group


"Hotels and their designers now have a great opportunity to elicit guest loyalty by combining physical and digital worlds into a new ‘phigital’ paradigm. This has the potential not only to create connections between the hotel and its neighbourhood but to deliver new networks for guests when they return home. We proposed a system suitable for all types of hotels that explores the “phigital” model."
Gilberto Vizzini, UK Manager & Strategy Director, il Prisma

1508 London


"Details provoke an emotional connection to a space and bring guests back: through creating and highlighting fragments of the space, we allow their imaginations to play a part in creating a room that is personal to them.  These fragmented details, after all, are what form people’s memories when visiting special places. They are the creator of meaningful moments; the small window handle that opens to reveal the stunning scenery beyond."

Hamish Brown, Partner, 1508 London

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