A Sleep Set 2016 retrospective

As society becomes more complex, hotel operators and designers need more than traditional socio-demographics in order to understand their guests. With the help of the Sinus-Milieus model of changing attitudes and values, the 2016 Sleep Set competition explored The Science of Tribes.

The Sleep Set 2016 tribes were: Established, Intellectual, Performer, Digital Avant-garde and Sensory Oriented.


Gensler (Digital Avant-Garde Tribe) - 2016 Winner


Non-conformist, creative and individualistic, self-realisati on, freedom and independence are essential to their world view. As hotel guests, they have no fixed dogma, they are happy to socialise digitally or personally, they feel part of a global, pluralistic and cosmopolitan scene.

“Like a paper aeroplane when thrown, not knowing how far it will go or where it will land, perhaps picked up and thrown again, our guests seek an instinctive, unscripted journey to shape their lives.”
- Gensler

Mitsui Designtec (Established Tribe)

Mitsui Designtec

Conservative moralities, distinction and an innate sense of leadership dictate the status-conscious, self-asserted Established Tribe’s exclusive tastes.

“Our journey aligns heritage and connoisseurship with all of the senses. Flowing water, wavering lights, a breath of air, the rhythms of life. The destination is internal fulfilment and emotional connection.”
- Mitsui Designtec (Highly Commended)

Studio PROOF (Performer Tribe)

Studio PROOF

Self-determined, flexible and socially mobile, through multi-media fascination, hard work, and high achievement the Performers seek an intense, successful and fun lifestyle.

“Jo Anderson is at the peak of her career and expects the best from life, including her hotels. Hotel Confidential offers privacy, intimacy, modernity and the unexpected. She lies back on the chaise-longue, reflecting on sea and sky.”
- Studio PROOF

Aukett Swanke (Sensory Oriented Tribe)

Aukett Swanke

Sensation-oriented and searching for fun, thrills, action and entertainment. Unconventional and rebellious; living for the here and now. Through independence and spontaneity, desire to escape leads to ever-changing experiences and sub-culture.

“This is a room in which to retreat and come together, offering an escape to real life, not from it. It could be anywhere, but while you are in it, you can only be here. A bivouac where guests create their own reality.”
- Aukett Swanke

WOW Architects (Intellectual Tribe)

WOW Architects

Intellectuals search for self-actualisati on and personal development through an open-minded, liberal and pluralistic world view. Cultural and intellectual interests drive their pursuit for authenti city.

“A retreat for uncertain times. The room as haven of safety and comfort where guests select their preferred reality from a menu of options. The threatened bath tub becomes the central character and it will rethink the placement of elements in a room.”
- WOW Architects