From Russia With Love

The 2017 Sleeper Bar was designed by Olga and Irina Sundukovy,  the founders of the Moscow-based practice Sundukovy Sisters Studio

Opening in 2004, Design & Architecture Studio Sundukovy Sisters has grown to be one of the leading hospitality design practice in Russia, with restaurants such as Syrovarnya, Tagin, Voronezh, Odessa Mama, and Fresh featuring in the must-see lists for visitors to Moscow.

Sundukovy Sisters

Sundukovy Sisters

“Our design for the Sleeper Bar emphasised the importance of human interaction in eliciting loyalty: not only loyalty between people but loyalty between the brand and individuals. It was a great opportunity for us to show that young designers can harmoniously integrate into the sophisticated market of hotel design, that we can both inspire and feel inspired, creating an experience that underlines the theme of the event – Loyalty: Lessons in Love. We used reflection and light to suggest the infinity of mankind while capturing the inner world of each guest in a moment of time. Loyalty is born out of our inner and outer worlds coming together
Irina and Olga Sundukovy

Explore how the Sleeper Bar 2017 looked like in 3D here.

Bar 3
bar 2
bar 4
bar 1

Suppliers for Sleep 2017:
Swings - Iwona Kosicka Design
Flooring - Amtico
Lights- LEDS-C4
Table Art - Evgeny Kiselev, Digital Art Illustration Design
Mirror Surfaces - SIBU Design GmbH & Co KG
Builder - Ligna Group

Chalet Birch

Since 2013, the Sundukovy Sisters have started to work with hotel chains such as Worldwide: Accor, Hilton, Carlson Rezidor and IHG, and expanding internationally with clients in Hong Kong, USA and Monaco. With a style that’s both  idiosyncratic and contemporary, the sisters find inspiration in travel and the history of place, while technology continually prompts them towards challenging, new solutions. 

Their designs for the Bar were based on the show theme Loyalty: Lessons in Love. 

Winner of, and three-times shortlisted for ‘best pop up’ at the Restaurant & Bar Design Awards, the Sleeper Bar boasts an illustrious alumni of design including Superfutures, Conran & Partners, Stylt Trampoli and Nous Design.  View the 2016 Sleep Bar designed by Superfutures here