Mikodam Limited

Mikodam is an architectural products and furniture brand. It offers a brand new solution with its exclusive line of wall claddings. With Mikodam you can transform your interiors in the blink of an eye and surround yourself with designs that are unique and personalized.

We are trying to create an effective design process by understanding the needs of designers, architects and interior designers and by getting their opinions.

From the prospect of carrying IKOOR’s legacy to the retail market, Mikodam was born. IKOOR has been dealing in contract furnishings since 1993. Operating at high quality standards with its departments of woodworking, finishing, metalworks, upholstery and assembly, IKOOR has accomplished many prestigious projects globally, with the pride of full customer satisfaction.

Originating from this extensive quarter century experience and know how, Mikodam presents an exclusive line of stylish furniture and wall claddings, offering high quality items that aim to create sophisticated interiors.


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1 Albemarle Way
United Kingdom


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