Harrison Spinks Beds

Harrison Spinks is one of the most vertically integrated bed manufacturers in the world from drawing its own wire for its unique spring technology to growing natural fillings on its farm in Yorkshire. Both the unique spring technology and growing natural fillings have been recognised with three Queen's awards for Enterprise.

Revolutionising the future of hospitality beds as we know it, Harrison Spinks Hospitality will be showcasing their new collection of beds at Sleep + Eat.

All featuring their latest innovative spring technology; Cortec TM, designed by award-winning engineers, these glue-free sustainable pocket springs are 100% glue-free and 100% recyclable at the end of the mattresses life. Delivering sustainable, comfort through advanced technology. Using fewer raw materials than a traditional mattress, each spring is heat sealed in its individual pocket, removing the need for glue and creating more points of contact for contour accuracy.

Sleep, Recharge, Revitalise with Harrison Spinks Hospitality.

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Harrison Spinks Beds
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