Eat Set

As part of its evolution, Sleep + Eat is expanding its interactive offering to include Eat Sets – three more installations based on restaurant and bar spaces, namely a restaurant designed by ECHO Architecture, a café from 3Stories and a nightclub by Shalini Misra.

Echo Architecture

ECHO Architecture – Restaurant

Taking on the concept of multisensory dining, ECHO will be transporting visitors to the Cornish seaside, combining physical design with intelligent lighting, soundscapes and olfactory stimuli.

The restaurant setting takes its cue from the landscape of Cornwall and the atmosphere and services will change with the time of day, creating a range of experiences that returning visitors can enjoy.

3Stories Hospitality Design Sleep Eat ben webb jason litter

3Stories – Café

3Stories will be challenging visitors with an uncomfortably familiar play on the traditional concept of the British caff, updating the iconic model to fit the new age of digital sociability and transposing luxury materials into an everyday space.

In the spirit of “the caff”, the designers will be working to foster a sense of community with Sleep + Eat’s exhibitors and attendees, displaying constantly updating, unfiltered communication on a Café style menu board for all to see.

Shalini Misra

Shalini Misra – Nightclub

With the recent demise of many clubbing venues within the UK, Shalini Misra aims to provide people with a place to party.

Inspired by the bright colours, bold and playful patterns and pop music of the 1980’s, the designers will pair nostalgia with new technologies to present a hedonistic escape within the Sleep + Eat event.

Expect glossy surfaces, neon colours and optical illusions.