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2019 Conference Programme

Keynote: London Is Just the Beginning
10:30 - 11:15
Standard International
Managing Editor
Sleeper Media

The much anticipated opening of the year, the Standard London, has paved the way for a robust international expansion for the brand. By quadrupling its footprint to 20 properties in the coming years what are the challenges ahead? Is it still possible to run the company as a platform for creativity? Will rooms with no windows actually work? Is the strength of the brand a clientele that sees value in a specific lifestyle and is that enough to fuel the aggressive growth?

People Driven vs. Data Driven
11:30 - 12:15
General Manger
Waldorf Astoria Edinburugh
Area Manager
citizenM UK
Co- founder / Founder
Ormeau Baths / Think Hearts + Minds
Bespoke Hotels

The hybridisation of different accommodation structures has left the notion of a traditional hotel far behind. Nowadays, in order to win, lobbies need to be engaging and inviting with free and fast WiFi, rooms overly functional, food and drink concepts blending into all room and non-room areas, the list goes on. But what does that mean operationally? How must brands adapt themselves to manage all of the above, efficiently and within a reasonable timeframe? In a data driven world do we still rely on our teams and human interaction to deliver on the brand promise?

A Holistic Answer to Urban Living
12:30 - 13:15
Architect / Principal
Grzwinski + Pons
Managing Director
Founder & Principal
Michaelis Boyd Associates
Senior Designer
The Design Agency

Almost everyone needs human interaction and there is much compelling evidence that the over-use of digital devices can lead to a sense of loneliness, poor self-esteem and depression, as well as interruption of sleep patterns and the disruption of concentration. How can hospitality design combat loneliness and modern urban isolation whilst considering the well-being of the residents and members both from a physical and physiological health perspective and also from a sociological and psychological one?

Keynote: Putting a Price on Design
15:00 - 15:45
Moderator and Programme Director
Sleep & Eat

How can creativity, art and design act as financial value drivers for investors? More than just a coworking space, a restaurant and an event venue, NeueHouse aims to set itself apart through elevated programming and spectacular design. The man at the helm, a true veteran in the hospitality industry will share his views on the brand’s efforts to create a unique and non-copyable company that delivers returns to its investors.

Bedrooms Are Boring
16:00 - 16:45
Assistant Vice President
Shangri-La International
Moderator and Assistant Editor of Supper Magazine
Supper Magazine
Director of Food and Beverage
The Langham Hotel
Group Director of Food & Beverage
Rocco Forte Hotels
Director of Food and Beverage
Marriott International

Most of the fun (or at least the shareable part) of staying at a hotel takes place outside the room. This is where Instagram shots get taken, menus get scrutinised and drink lists perused. What are the hot new concepts that travellers crave for? Have hotels finally caught up with independent restaurants and bars by offering the same amount of social excitement and post-worthy content? What other food and drink related experiences can hotels offer to entice the modern traveler?

Development Roundtables with Benjamin West
17:00 - 18:30
Global Development Manager
Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group
Vice President
Whitebridge Hospitality
Development Director
Managing Director
Benjamin West
Senior Vice President of Design and Construction
Vice President, Global Residential Development
Rosewood Hotel Group
Property Director
GLH Hotels
Director CBRE+Streetsense
CBRE Spain

Professionals from the hotel development, owner, investor and operator sectors move from table to table ready to answer your questions in this ever popular session. Get there early to avoid disappointment.

And thanks to our friends at Benjamin West for helping us curate this session!

Keynote: The Tales of a Storyteller-Hotelier
10:30 - 11:15
25Hours Hotel Company

Five years ago, when 25Hours was just six properties strong, the visionary behind the concept, Christoph Hoffmann, was adamant about two things - having fun and creating a powerful brand rather than a hotel group or chain. Has this romantic idea of hospitality changed over the years? How has scaling, moving beyond European borders and partnering with Accor affected the core essence of 25Hours? The charismatic CEO will discuss the ups and downs of his journey capturing moments of joy from the circus, fairytale castles, Congolese sappers and wizened seadogs.

Under: Hospitality Underwater
11:30 - 12:15
Baca Architects
Operations Director
CoreMarine AS

At the southernmost point of the Norwegian coastline lies Under - Europe’s first underwater restaurant that also doubles up as a research center for marine life. The combined efforts of the design practice and the engineers into underwater architecture are truly noteworthy, pushing the boundaries of hospitality experiences below the waves. Far from being an aquarium for touristy expeditions, the magic of the North Sea wildlife captivates with all its awe, rain or shine. When the land is not enough - how do we design and engineer for the next frontier?

Sleep & Eat Set Vignettes
12:30 - 13:30
SpaceInvader Design
Miaja Design Group
Architect, Founding Director
NAME Architecture
Manging Director
HAT Design
Creative Director
Founder & Creative Director / Interior Designer
Maria Tibblin & Co
Director / Senior Interior Designer
SpaceInvader Design

Discussion hosted by: Heleri Rande, Conference Curator & Host

“Social FlexAbility” in action. Our Sleep & Eat Sets are an amazing showcase of design and a cult favourite of the show. Created for you and each available as an immersive experience, six different designers have been tasked with exploring how to make a guest room, restaurant or bar agile enough to enable users to enjoy the social experience of their choice. Hear about these vanguard concepts from the designers themselves.

Above: Designing For Space
15:00 - 15:45
Creative Director & Design Activist
Johannes Torpe Studio

Fifty years ago, human beings stepped on the moon for the first time. This year, half a century later, we are closer than ever to launching space tourism and delivering hospitality above ground level. Taking us on an exciting design journey to the future, Danish designer Johannes Torpe will discuss what the future holds in an unconventionally creative way. Being a collaborator with organizations in the space industry and a frequent speaker and inspiration for NASA, he is an advocate for space tourism and moreover how we can create unearthly experiences on earth. An advocate for an unrestrained and intuitive approach to design and life in general, Johannes will draw on his extensive cross-disciplinary experience including serving as the Chief Creative of Bang & Olufsen.

Guilt Free Experiences
16:00 - 16:45
Founder and Director
Jestico + Whiles
Creative Director
Design Group Italia
Moderator and Programme Director
Sleep & Eat

These days it is a struggle to find a brand without sustainability as one of its values. It has become a given. But what really sets a true eco hotel apart from that of a regular one? Is it the design, the service, the location, the credentials or something more authentic at its core? As the experience economy keeps growing, the quest for unique and unprecedented hotel products follows suit. At a price point that demands luxury how can we still have a guilt free experience?