Yann Bernard Lejard

Yaan Bernard Lejard
Executive Chef
Ritz-Carlton Bahrain

YBL The ChefYann Bernard Lejard, born in Paris in 1975, graduated as a chef at the age of 16.He has worked in one, two and three MICHELIN star restaurants as well as for internationalleadinghotels across 20 countries. By Heinz Winkler, Germany he was Sauce Chef for the third StarMichelin award. At Hotel Las Dunas, YBL was part of the team to achieve the first Michelin Star restauranthotel in Spain. In Switzerland, finalist for Taittinger Culinary Grand Prix, as well as ranked byGault & Millau. At Hotel Plaza Athénée, Paris he became bachelor in Management Financeand Accounting in Hotel Industry.In Saudi Arabia, Jeddah has executive Chef for Glow restaurant he was first Chef in Saudiranked by FOUR Magazine UK.Since 2014 in The Kingdom of Bahrain, at the Ritz-Carlton, and recently promoted ExecutiveChef in charge of 12 restaurants, and also Chef at La Table Krug By Y.YBL has been expressing his Art through travelling Jakarta, Bali, New York, Cleveland, Miami,Sanya Island, Tianjin, Shanghai, Kuwait City, Dubai, New Delhi, Amsterdam, Himalaya,Mexico, Singapore he is now recognized as an influencing chef by the culinary world andcontinue to be invited around the world to share his Art of plating and skills through events andmasterclass. Last year you could followed him in Cayman Island for the legendary Cookout byEric Ripert and more to come.YBL The ArtistFrom his early teens YBL expressed his artistic talents in street art. It was after becoming arecognized Chef that he found a way of incorporating art in his culinary work through platingand photography.Plates by YBL are unique and different from the usual. His eye for color and his way of drawingsauce on a plate show hissignature style and have set about a new wave of plating by Chefs allover the world. Social media is an important source for sharing his art, YBL continues to befollowed by 140k fans. ( @yblinc, YBLTwitt, Y.B.L Inc)The collaboration with artists outside the culinary world brings a new dimension and inspirationto his work. Leading Art magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar Art and Freiheit Magazine haveshown interest and published his work. YBL has been a special guest at Art Event, Bazaar Artin Jakarta and he was invited to perform in a specially designed YBL style pop up restaurant inthe heart of the Indonesian Art Fair for three consecutive years already.YBL is happy to do photoshoots of his own plates. He was very proud when he was asked tojudge as part of a team of photographers the second GCC food photography award.YBL: “Aware of the worldwide movement, inspiration comes from my deep inside heartfeelings in every detail of life”.This artist is leading the way in the visual presentation of food. His Typical early work wherewe see a black background and a white plate is now frequently copied. YBL’s motto is to “dare”and looking at his plates we certainly see what he means. Food photography, food art enhancethis chefs primary passion. He makes us eat with our eyes and never forget the mostexpected....The Taste!We can’t wait for his book of food and art in collaboration with photographer Sergio Coimbra.