Tom Middleton

Tom Middleton
Sound Architect

Pioneering polymath of electronic and ambient music, Sound Architect and Psychoacoustics researcher, has notched up over 650 releases spanning many genres, a former designer and orchestral ‘Cellist has recently added Sleep Science Coach to his credentials. Has performed in 49 countries and performed to millions (read - stayed in quite a few hotels!) 

Designs transformational bespoke interior soundscapes for humanitarian multi sensory experiences to optimise mental and physical health outcomes. Creates content for tech in the sleep relaxation and performance enhancement sector. Most recent album Sleep Better slows heart and breath rate to lower stress and aid pre-sleep relaxation for better sleep quality and duration. Tom regularly talks on the subject of how to Sleep Better using the latest sleep hygiene research. 

As a Sound Architect in the Hospitality and Wellness sector, Tom has pioneered the use of in room psychoacoustic soundscapes to aid guests with the sleep challenges that accompany international travel. Along with his work on improving sleep and rest, his unique playlists can be found playing throughout the YOTEL group to soundtrack the entire guest experience. Surprisingly, one of the most talked about and fun deployments of soundscaping is for the 20 second or so guest elevator engagement.  

Currently using the latest academic research and innovations in technology to create the ultimate multisensory sleep experience for the new generation of guest rooms. Time to re-evaluate the primary purpose of the guest room, and deliver the promise of the best nights sleep ever.


The Sense of Design

Wed, 21/11/2018 - 12:30pm to 1:15pm
Session Type: Panel
Session Track: The Sleep Conference