Nicola Osborn

Nicola Osborn
Creative Director

Nicola is a recognised creative design professional with more than 20 years experience. She has worked with a broad range of leading global clients to deliver innovative property solutions. Her visionary expertise, creativity and experience has positioned her as a knowledge for both end user and property development clients. Having delivered successful projects for each side of the industry, including McKinsey & Company, Coca-Cola, British Sugar, Brookfield Properties and Argent LLP. She is adept at strategic design for workplace futures, defining future forward developments and repositioning old stock buildings to the commercial marketplace.

Nicola has a deep understanding of space, materiality and technical requirement and delivers visionary design solutions from concept to reality. A strong creative strategist with a natural flair for understanding clients’ business needs. Nicola pushes boundaries re-imagining and transforming property and interior environments. Her passion is bringing projects to life while retaining all the excitement of the original concept.

People are at the heart of her design ethos; user experience and emotional connection is key. Her designs use the power of spatial design, biophilic concepts and materiality to communicate intrinsic value of the built environment and connection to the people who interact with it. Demonstrating how design concepts can be implemented with greater depth, assigning it meaning, associations and realising valued performance.

Nicola has a holistic approach to sustainability. Advocating the responsibility of design in the debate and the call to action. Enhancing environmental practices wherever possible and driving the ‘right’ choices during the design process with clients. Promoting circular economy practices, wellbeing, flexibility, and nature. To be truly sustainable the design of property and spaces should withstand trends and endure.

Nicola jointly leads the team at Basha-Franklin, a talented team of passionate architects and designers who care about space, inside and outside, its impact on the people that use it, the quality of it, the ambition of it and the life of it. Using design to create transformative and inspiring spaces that celebrate connection and enhance the everyday lives of those that use them.
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