Johannes Torpe

Johannes Torpe
Creative Director & Design Activist
Johannes Torpe Studio

The founder and vision behind Johannes Torpe Studios, Danish designer Johannes Torpe is an unconventional creative in every way imaginable. A self-trained interior architect, industrial designer, lighting designer, graphic artist and music producer, he does not conform to established boundaries and simply calls himself a design activist.

Guided by the believe that we do our best work when we pursue things that move us, he is an advocate for an unrestrained and intuitive approach to design and life in general. As a practitioner who has worked across a multitude of continents and industries, Johannes has helped worldwide brands like Nike and latest Canadian bike maker Argon 18. Also, he has conceptualized the future of Hospitality with the award-winning Red Mountain Resort project in Iceland, and most recently has launched two furniture collections with Friuli-based Moroso.

This mindset and vast experience allows him to share unique insights about the intersection of design and business on both a personal and a professional level. A speech or lecture by Johannes Torpe is a visual abundance of photos and videos. He shares food for thought on various themes, e.g. his intuition-driven design process, creative leadership in general, experience design in hospitality and retail, sources of creativity and the importance of branding in every project.

He also generously shares anecdotes from his unconventional and free-spirited upbringing in a hippie commune in rural Denmark and thoughtfully connects this to where he is today. Johannes shares his story with honesty and humour, and his ‘rock star’ attitude always engages and entertains the audience leaving them invigorated.

Over the years, Johannes Torpe has attended as a keynote speaker several events such as Hong Kong Business of Design Week, Design Indaba, International New York Times Luxury Conference, TedX, MIPIM, The Hotel Show Dubai and the 46th Space Congress; as well as given inspirational speeches at renowned schools like Savannah College of Art and Design, Esade, Virginia Tech and Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne.