Inge Moore

Inge Moore
Muza Lab

Inge co-founded Muza Lab in 2016. Reflecting her vision of creating a studio recognised for designing inspired spaces that, in turn, inspire those who use them (Muza), with a culture that was both analytical and innovative (Lab), the company has enjoyed a roll-call of exceptional projects in its so far short life. These include projects for Belmond in Peru, Italy and southern Africa, Kanuhura Maldives, Four Seasons Kingdom Tower, Mandarin Oriental Residences Barcelona and a new hotel in Shanghai. Inge instinctively designs places which make people feel elegant and cherished. She draws on local culture, character and crafts, abstracting them into something new, and is inspired by the natural world of the location, believing that this should be cherished and conserved as well as enjoyed.

Inge’s projects have won many accolades, most recently at the Gold Key Awards and AHEAD, and she herself was recognised as Gold Key Designer of the Year in 2013.