Ido Garini

Owner & Founder
Studio Appétit

Ido Garini is the Founder and Creative Director of Studio Appétit - a multidisciplinary experiential design studio & concept house based in The Netherlands. It is guided by a new way of thinking about experiences and interactions. Addressing today’s challenging fast paced short cycled highly competitive market and culture,  the studio is renowned for utilising inventive sensory stimulations that inspire and create meaningful and long lasting connections.

The studio is fascinated by sensorial triggers, especially around the power of food. It activates them with a profound insight about the illusiveness of attention in todays culture, and the understanding that making a lasting impact requires more sophisticated and interdisciplinary experiences. 

The studio has created a vast collection of critically acclaimed concepts and projects since it was founded in NYC in late 2010. 

With a body of work the ranges from objects, confection designs and homeware to large scale installations, spatial design, concept platforms, boundary pushing creative direction and the ideation and creation of new brands and services in international scale - Studio Appétit always has a distinct experience driven concept that shines in its projects. The studio does this by masterfully mixing various design disciplines, while incorporating signature sensorial gestures. It builds on years of experience and specialisation in Food Culture & Eating Design, which are relevant more than ever in today’s cultural climate. 

In its current phase, the Marketing and PR attraction of the studio’s projects has evolved from being a welcome byproduct to an intentional and signature value in the studio’s work. Marketing approaches, interactions and appeal are embedded in the creative process, aiming to deliver a smart and genuine result that utilises the creative energy  invested in each concept and gives it further justification. Already recognised and celebrated for its signature approach, the studio is regularly commissioned by top agencies and companies who are looking to push their brand forward.