Geraldine Dohogne

Geraldine Dohogne
Interior Designer
Zannier Hotels

Geraldine Dohogne is an interior designer by passion, whose love for creating unique spaces has grown over the years, enriched by her numerous travels.

Her passion turned into a career when she started to develop interiors in 2011 for Zannier Hotels. Involved in every phase of a new hotel project, she takes a point of honour in collaborating with all partners – advising investors on best moves, defining concepts, helping architects to draw, guiding construction workers or assisting operational teams. Considering design as a guiding point, she proved she was able to create both once-in-a-lifetime spaces for customers and great places to work for the personnel.

Geraldine believes in the power of beautiful interiors to transform daily life. Her recipe is simple: she always imagines herself living in the environment she develops. Her interiors are designed to be intimate with a homey feeling. It is all about instinct and emotions. For this, she always aims to understand the history of the location, spending time in the country and meeting locals. Respectful of the culture and traditions of the area, the designs of her interiors are the result of intense sourcing (magnificent local materials, antique furniture, crafts and natural fabrics).

Her aesthetic sense is classic with a unique twist. She prides herself on her attention to detail, her obsession with quality and her love for the designs of local craftspeople. The search for timeless minimalism and apparent simplicity are central to her work, as is the love of tactile and raw materials.


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