Ben Fitzgerald

Ben Fitzgerald head shot
Operations Director
CoreMarine AS

Ocean Engineer. Sailor. Australian. Naturally sarcastic and a tad sceptical until proven otherwise. Passionate about the sustainable use of the oceans as a resource. At Core Marine we are re-engineering the oceans for sustainable use and enjoyment well into the future.We re-purpose our skills as offshore oil and gas engineers to service all the ocean industries.We provide engineering solutions that unlock the ocean space as a sustainable resource: be it underwater restaurants that delight and educate, floating offshore wind providing clean energy, or offshore aquaculture to meet growing global protein demand. To do this, partnerships and cross-industry collaboration have been key -there’s nothing more rewarding than bringing together a disparate bunch of brains from different industries, pulling a red thread through their combined experience to solve “impossible” problems. That’s why we think partnerships are so important. Core Marine is a small company yet we can deliver anything. That’s because we work closely with industry leaders to create a best-in-class consortium for every project we work on, ensuring the continued development of the emerging ocean industries.