The Sleep Conference

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Sleeping your way to the top: the science of sleep and success
10:30 - 11:15
Conference Curator & Host
Consultant Physician and specialist in Sleep Medicine

Presentation introduced by: Guy Dittrich, Conference Curator & Host

Neuroscientists and clinicians increasingly understand that sleep deprivation has catastrophic effects on our physical and mental health, but as our world becomes more connected and the line between work and leisure grows more blurred, sleep is increasingly neglected and almost half the population is now considered to be sleep deprived. In this talk, Dr Hare will explore the science of sleep, explaining the power of sleep to awaken creativity, increase our happiness, improve our relationships and support our health and wellbeing. She will describe how, as individuals and organisations, we can work together to improve sleep health for ourselves, our employees and our clients.

Sleep Set Vignettes
11:30 - 12:15
Denton Corker Marshall
Conference Curator & Host
Yasmine Mamoudieh Design
AB Concept
Creative Director
HBA London

Discussion hosted by: Guy Dittrich, Conference Curator & Host

Our Sleep Sets are the catwalk of design and a cult favourite of the show.  Created for you and each available as an immersive experience on the mezzanine level, four different designers have been tasked with bringing a different brand to life in hotel guest room form.  Hear about these vanguard concepts from the designers themselves.  

The Sense of Design
12:30 - 13:15
Conference Curator & Host
Director Hospitality
Perkins + Will
Sound Architect
Managing Director
Lighting Design International

Presentation introduced by: Guy Dittrich, Conference Curator & Host

Discover the impact sensory design is having on the guest experience. The broader knowledge of Tom Hupe at Perkins + Will and their research into the human experience in hospital, education and workplace design, is expanded by the specialist know how of Sally Story of LDI and Tom Middleton of Sonux who look at the place lighting and sound quality have in the hotel environment respectively. And we are not just talking about the guestroom, circadian rhythms and acoustic insulation. Think of your many interactions in a hotel – checking in, working out, working in, eating and drinking. Alone or in a group. The topic is endless. And the results need to work.

Anything But Ordinary - Priya Paul and her delight for design
15:00 - 15:45
Conference Curator & Host
Apeejay Surrendra Park Hotels / The Park Hotels

Interview by: Guy Dittrich, Conference Curator & Host

For 50 years The Park Hotels have been at the forefront of the design-led hotel revolution from the Indian sub-continent. Chairperson, Priya Paul, joins us to tell a story of design creativity and innovation that strives to continually delight guests. The relaxed luxury of her hotels saw the early adoption of ideas such as curated art and music, personalisation and farm-to-table menus - hear what she thinks is coming next. Winner of the AHEAD Asia 2018 award for Outstanding Contribution, Paul, has overseen the work of Conran & Partners, Project Orange and Michael Veal alongside more local talents in her quest to deliver unique guest experiences across a portfolio of seven The Park Hotels, eight upscale properties branded Zone by The Park Hotels, and the newly launched The Park Collection, a cluster of smaller intimate and personalised properties in unique locations.

Planes, Trains and Autonomy
16:00 - 16:45
Editor at Large
VP & London Studio Director
Senior Project Manager
Assistant Editor

This session is moderated by Kristofer Thomas, Assistant Editor at Sleeper magazine and their new sister title, Starboard, that looks at Style in Travel.

With the world more connected than ever before, modes of transport both emerging and established are undergoing a period of rapid change. The advent of space tourism and Hyperloop technology will see guests venturing into unknown territories, whilst cruise ships, trains and planes all adapt their offer to meet the desires of a new generation. As hospitality transport designers gear up to take on the future and update the past, what does this mean for the guest experience?