2019 Sleep & Eat Sets

2019 Sleep & Eat Set Designers | Sleep & Eat

Meet the Designers

Taking on this year’s “Social FlexAbility” theme, six creative studios created four Guest Roomsets alongside two Restaurant and Bar Sets, with the challenge to provide flexible spaces where users activate the social experience of their choice.

Twenty2Degrees - Guestroom

twenty2degress sleep sets

No two guests are the same. Dance, Sleep, Work, Play – we are creating a flexible space for the social, a haven for a guests stay. Distorted riffs softened with plush fabrics, warm timbers set against a vibrant zing, a hotel room that’s more than one thing.

Build Partners: Viriato Hotel Concept

Key suppliers: Contardi Lighting (decorative lighting), Ulster Carpets (rugs), Solus Ceramics (stone marble), Hansgrohe (brassware), Altrock Surfaces (vanity), Peter Millard & Partners (artwork), Tarkett (flooring), Hamilton (sockets/switches), Porada (furniture), B&O (sound), The Fine Cotton Company (bed linen)


Miaja Design Group - Guestroom

miaja design group

Sociologists are raising concerned questions about the fact that people spend less time together physically and warning that technology is creating a parallel world distancing us from our humanity.

Miaja Design Group will create a room which will try to challenge the common belief that social interaction is impaired due to the technological devices that openly or insidiously invade our lives.

The studio will endeavour to create an environment that is socially flex-able. A guest room that will encourage people to gather and share experiences that cross the boundaries between Dream and Reality.

Build Partner: SCENA

Project Suppliers: SNS Group (furniture); Custom Furniture Design by Isabelle Miaja (‘Picnic’ Armoire, ‘Log’ Campfire Stools, ‘Invisible’ Console, Marquetry Forest Wall); MM Galleri (Custom Marble Wall and Marble Pedestal); Lasvit (‘Phi’ Glass Art Sculpture: in collaboration with Isabelle Miaja); Tentsile (Custom tent); Rugged (Custom Hand Tufted Carpet); Soraa in collaboration with Lutron (Lighting Design); Bang & Olufsen (Sound Design); Durafit Floors (Exterior Sisal Covering and Green Wall); Masureel (Feature wallpaper at ‘Invisible’ Console); Amardeep Fabrics, Sunbrella (Ceiling Drapery & Fabrics for Tent); Adrian Houston (Art); Mark Luscombe - Whyte (Photography); Volker Bassen (Fossilised Clamshell from Kenya); Veronique Joly-Corbin (Custom Porcelain Plates design based on Isabelle Miaja ‘Elevation’ poem); Moore & Giles (‘Log’ Campfire Stools Leather); Giobagnara (Coffee Table, Leather Art Sculptures, Leather Stools at Picnic Table, Coffee Machine, Tray, Ice Bucket, Thermos, Leather Mirror, Log Rack); Dimplex (Fireplace at Coffee Table); La Jardins de la Comtess (Picnic Basket); Madame de Victorine (Picnic Trolley)


HAT Design - Guestroom

hat design

HAT Design's quest is to design destinations - a new experience of guest wellbeing, guiding and mothering each of their projects to mold its unique identity. The studio is inspired by life, generations, cultures, innovations and diversities. They care about environments and emotions associated therewith, and are committed to value the place and build the ideal scenario around each guest. 

Build Partners: Stilles

Project Suppliers: Nobilis (fabrics); Bette (flooring); Gessi (sanitary ware)

Maria Tibblin - Guestroom

maria tibblin sleep set

Maria Tibblin’s guestroom “Tradition of the Future” will be a New Luxury with a strong focus on the ultimate personal and genuine space for each and every guest.

Will it be best girlfriends enjoying a get-together, a family who are celebrating a birthday or a guest who is seeking solitude for a few days or an important business meeting? The Guest Room will be adaptable for all these different occasions to lift people’s spirits, fulfil wishes and needs.

With their Scandinavian Heritage, the scheme is light and warm – sophisticated and elegant in its simplicity paying tribute to nature and sensitivity to sustainability and natural materials.

Build Partners: Bailey & Jones;

Key Suppliers: Giacomo Rossetti (fine joinery design/Interior Architect); Erreuno SRL (fine joinery & bathroom); Clementine Mory & Annelie Orbe (technical drawings); James Fenner (graphic design); Jon Sprank, Natta.co (smart voice technology); GBHK Lighting & Light Cognitive Oy (lighting); Carl Hansen (Furniture); Creation Baumann (curtains); Tarkett (flooring); Phillip Jeffries (wall cover), Duxiana (bed), Vandra Rugs (rugs), Toyine Sellers (fabrics); Lexington (bath accessories); Bang & Olufsen (loudspeaker); FBC (side table); Christopher Dolhem & Philippe Baden (artworks); Annika Baudry, Atelier B (bookbinder); Nordaq (water supply); Aaron Knight (music); Skogsberg & Smart (glassware)



space invader eat set

In order to develop the traditional bar as it stands today SpaceInvader will try to establish what needs changing. With the rise in traction of social media, face to face interaction has become rare.

Conversations are being left to the keypad, with the notion of meeting people in a bar being relevant to only previous generations. But what if a bar’s design could enhance these conversations and bring them to the future, not leaving them in the past? What if the biggest barrier is the bar itself?

Be it a lone guest, small or large group, the space will lend itself to its user through layout and design to achieve the end goal of being a space for the development of conversations.

Build Partner: J Carey Design

Project Suppliers: Enigma Lighting (lighting); Egger (laminate); Vescom (upholstery & wall coverings); Kvadrat (curtains); Kriskadecor (chain ceiling); Telegraph Contract Furniture, COR (furniture); Modulyss (carpet); Havwoods (cork flooring)


NAME Architecture - restaurant

name architecture eat set

NAME architecture’s Eat Set will feature adaptable functionality and ways to personalise your spatial interactions in order to satisfy a variety of social requests.

A continuous plane – a table - is the new plane for social interaction. It defines space, shapes its use and social stimulation. Clients will be able to choose to activate the social experience of their choice according to where they sit on the table.

Build Partners: Duboulay Contracts

Project Suppliers: Ligne Roset (furniture); Matière Grise (lighting); Omexco (wall finish); Craster (accessories)