2019 Sleep & Eat Sets

2019 Sleep & Eat Set Designers | Sleep & Eat

Meet the Designers

Taking on this year's "Social FlexAbility" theme, six creative studios have been challenged to design flexible and engaging spaces in which guests can activate the social experience of their choice. Four practices will create Guest Roomsets whilst the other two will realise a concept Restaurant and Bar respectively. A roster of new and long-established practices are poised to provide a conceptual playground which will explore one of the major issues of our technology-enabled age – connection with other human beings.

twenty2degrees - Guestroom

twenty2degrees Design Partnership was established in 2012 by Nicholas Stoupas following 10 years spent working at Director Level with the hospitality design industry. Having led and managed the design, documentation and implementation on site of a number of prestigious projects.

Joseph Stella joined the Partnership mid-2013 and brings a diverse and open approach to design that encapsulates the ethos of twenty2degrees strengthening the conceptual side of the practice.

They pride themselves on drawing creative inspiration from the locality of the project, its history and the day to day lives of those living, working and passing through the area where the design is being developed.

"We are thrilled to be apart of the creative team of designers involved with this years Sleep & Eat sets. We look forward to delivering a design that not only encapsulates our studio, twenty2degrees, but also challenges this years brief. Our aim is to design a space that feels fresh, excites those who visit and inspires others in the way that we have been when visiting sets in previous years."
Joseph Stella, twenty2degrees

Provisioners Restaurant by twenty2degrees | Sleep & Eat

Provisioners Restaurant by twenty2degrees

Dixon Guestrooms by twenty2degrees | Sleep & Eat

Dixon Guestrooms by twenty2degrees

Miaja Design - Guestroom

Miaja Design Group is an international Interior Design & Architecture firm providing design solutions for luxury brand hotels & resorts, corporate developments, high-end residential, and F&B clients across the world.

Miaja’s ethos is that each and every project should be innovative with its own style and personality, with a unique and distinctive design approach to each of its projects, including Sofitel So Singapore, Pullman Central Park Hotel in Jakarta, Sofitel Mumbai BKC in India and the newly completed LUX*North Male Atoll Maldives, for which Miaja has gained international recognition.

Miaja Design Group’s signature is to also create unique art piece collections for each project, bringing in a local creative inspiration. Tapping into the country’s cultural background and its unique artistic translation is an intrinsic element of the final vision that will provide the client with a stamp of authenticity.

"I am very excited to participate in Sleep & Eat 2019. Innovation and inspiration have always been a driving force for me to create my designs and this event embodies these precepts." 
Isabella Miaja, Founder, Miaja Design

Pullman Central Park Hotel by Miaja Design | Sleep & Eat

Pullman Central Park Hotel by Miaja Design

Pullman Nadi Bay Resort & Spa by Miaja Design | Sleep & Eat

Pullman Nadi Bay Resort & Spa by Miaja Design

HAT Design - Guestroom

HAT Design's quest is to design destinations - a new experience of guest wellbeing, guiding and mothering each of their projects to mold its unique identity. The studio is inspired by life, generations, cultures, innovations and diversities. They care about environments and emotions associated therewith, and are committed to value the place and build the ideal scenario around each guest. 

20 years of experience within Hotel Interior Design allows them to assess their client's goals, intentions and ambitions by forseeing the market and brand as well as present and future generations. With an interactive approach, they present solutions which consider aesthetics, functional needs, technological possibilities, accessibility and environmental concerns.

"With the prodigous opportunity offered at Sleep & Eat, we would like to share our vision of relaxed aesthetics and transformable social collaboration. Sleep & Eat is an opening for HAT to a global access event, prestigious representation where functional business design matters."

"With the prodigous opportunity offered at Sleep & Eat, we would like to share our vision of relaxed aesthetics and transformable social collaboration. Sleep & Eat is an opening for HAT to a global access event, prestigious representation where functional business design matters." 
HAT Design

Maria Tibblin - Guestroom

Maria is a native Swede and has lived and worked in several countries over more than 20 years. She has a strong background in international corporate business with a Master’s degree in Public Health. Working on a multinational level within both business development and marketing strategies which has given Maria a humbling insight of cultures, and different ways people experience our world.

With a love and interest for Design & Art, Maria decided to pursue her passion and studied Interior design and Art History in London. She worked with private clients at Ralph Lauren Home and then under her own name working globally for clients on High-End projects.

The international, multicultural background and the valuable knowledge that comes with it, shows in Maria’s approach to design. It has given her depth to her work and added layers to her design. With a creative sense and a true spirit of grace and harmony, Maria proud herself by creating environments and spaces with a focus on wellbeing and positive energy for the people that live and use them.

Maria has an extensive global network and renowned practitioners within the various disciplines of the industry, this ads value to everyone and embraces quality performance and enter an environment full of strength and diversity.

Beach House Project by Maria Tibblin | Sleep & Eat

Beach House Project by Maria Tibblin

Country House Project by Maria Tibblin | Sleep & Eat

Country House Project by Maria Tibblin

SpaceInvader - Bar

SpaceInvader are dedicated to creating spaces which fulfil their true potential, while unlocking the power to enhance human behaviour. They believe that the best spaces are created by adopting an inclusive approach that puts the user at the heart. By working collaboratively with their clients, SpaceInvader aim to challenge convention, translate ambition into design and create spaces that work and inspire. They're strong believers that they have the power to inspire people to live healthier, happier, more productive lives. The studio actively works to enhance personal well-being and safety, strengthen and connect communities, and help them to prosper.

“At SpaceInvader, we are always looking for new ideas that inspire us as interior designers,” ... “The Sleep & Eat event is a must for us as it combines new products, thought leadership, opportunities to speak to key figures in our industry and a chance to soak up the buzzing atmosphere. The opportunity to design a Set was a no brainer and a chance for us to come together as a design studio and create something special.” 
Katie Edgar, Designer, SpaceInvader

NAME architecture - Restaurant

A global practice with strong local connections, NAME architecture has distinctive expertise in culturally significant projects and crafting beautiful solutions that maximise the architectural potential of buildings and spaces. Led by Nathalie Rozencwajg – whose AA credentials and RIBA and RICS award-winning work has gained global acclaim – NAME architecture creates one-of-a-kind solutions for every project. Based in London and Paris, NAME architecture is part of the world-leading community of architectural practice.

"NAME architecture looks forward to contribute to a leading event in the hospitality sector and share our vision to shape the future of the industry. Sleep & Eat is a driving force that bridges today’s solutions with visions for tomorrow and designing a set is a unique opportunity to contribute to the debate while experiencing the ambition design has to personalise a social experience through a spatial one." 
NAME architecture

Londrino Restaurant by NAME architecture | Sleep & Eat

Londrino Restaurant by NAME architecture

Project by NAME architecture | Sleep & Eat

Hospitality Project by NAME architecture